Certifications :: How to Pass the CCNA Security Exam in 5 Steps

Certifications :: How to Pass the CCNA Security Exam in 5 Steps

The CCNA Security certification is an excellent starting point for anybody that may be looking at entering the IT security world, predominately focused on securing and maintaining Cisco devices. But this just isn't any certification, in fact, if you're familiar with Cisco certifications then you'll probably know that Cisco certifications are renowned for being difficult [...]

How To :: Integrate GNS3 with EVE-NG and Physical Equipment

Last year I wrote an article about EVE-NG and how it could be leveraged to create virtual networks. It's rich feature-set and device support closely matches that offered by GNS3 and Virl, making it a strong contender for the go to simulator for creating virtual networks.  A couple of weeks ago curiosity got the better of [...]

KT Labs EP1 :: Switch Security and Device Access

Thank you to all those that attended my first live knowledge transfer session today. I plan on doing these on a regular basis, from videos that help beginners to more advanced videos that focus on Cisco certifications all the way up to CCIE level. You can view the first session below, along with the presentation [...]